Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Shan tofu, it is a great salad for breakfast or lunch. When ever I have, I miss my home. my mom used to cook for us a lot. I like fried chili and fried peanut in shan tofu and also sweet soy sauce is a great taste. When I have shan tofu, I also have a cup of jasmine green tea.


hummm!!! Chicken rice, it is make me always hungry. Thai chicken rice is one of my favorited Thai dishes.There was my favorited Chicken rice restaurant in Mae Sot. I went there for 3 times 4 time a week to have chicken rice. The restaurant was very busy in lunch time. Why I loved this restaurant is they have a great taste in soybean sauce.


Yesterday, one of my co-workers went back to his home country and brought me Belo soaps. Belo soap is very popular in Phils. So today, I made Thai fried rice for him which it he want to eat but when I brought it to work, He did not come to work so I give it to my another co-worker who was did not bring her lunch. She said it is so wonderful and She asked me can you make Prawn fried rice for me again?


Mohingar !!

Every one knows Mohingar who went to Burma. It is traditional fish soup that considered Burmese national dish and every family has their own family recipe. Most Burmese people eat Mohingar for breakfast but it also can be for lunch or dinner too. I like the smell of lemon grass, the sweet taste of shallot and young banan stem in Mohingar.